How to deal with stress

Stress – an every day experience.
But really nobody knows how to deal with stress. Only a few of us are courageous enough to deal with stress and change their life.During the last 20 years I had to find my own self and to look carefully. Why has society included stress in our daily life and not found a solution?People live with stress, try out burn-out clinics, seminars and workshops, wellness, but don’t find a solution. Afterwards they are confronted with the same dilemma: they find some relaxation – and within a short time the day-to-day work is back and the tread-mill (vicious circle) is back again: Exhausting work, too much and uncontrolled eating disorders , no relationships, lose friends through internet, alcohol, nicotine – addictive behaviour at all levels of life.Is this what we want in a wealthy Society? My question is: Where are you in this situation? You might have lost your own self but did not realise it. Suddenly the “Big Bang” might happen, everything is too much! Escape? Travelling? A short holiday? - Most of it you have tried (this) already.My experience, over the years working with people, where those who really wanted to change their lives, could do it only with simple methods, to find a way to their own inner self.With good luck and a dear friend I have found a heavenly place, where all this is possible. To be touched, the feeling to be loved again, to experience and to live creative moments, Explore nature where it is real, to come in touch with your intuition, to develop your potential of power – followed by releasing and cleansing your body and mind with the help of various sequences like music, colours, silence and stillness.

My motto is “No Stress!” and I try to do my best every day.

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