The Zen – Art- of- Touch – Energy – Massage Therapies are applied to you in a sensitive way. They support you to find your own self, to notice your desires and to integrate them into your life.

Your liveliness comes back and feeds you with energy to create new ideas. You will feel grounded and nourished in your own essence. The multitude of applications will wake up your inner resources. Within a short time change will bring up your inner resources and will reflect light from inside to the outside. The careful acceptance of your personality will be supported by the application of natural oils.

You will become aware of your inner beauty and become willing to live it.

Maya and her Team will show these new ways of living and you will feel and accept them.
These experiences will put your life in a new perspective and bright light: an experience of life which you can take home and practice.

A once in a lifetime adventure – don’t miss it.

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