Maya Widmaier
Zen- Art-of-Touch-Energy-massage Therapist

I have made a long journey to find my original potential. I lost it through a serious disease.

I owe my recovery to Ayurveda, and many dear friends, teachers and my master Osho.

After I had finished my graduate work in graphic design and as an actress, I reached out to India to learn more about the Art of Ayurveda. My aim was to share my experience, strength and hope with those who needed support.

Today my work over the last 26 years reflects love to people and natural powers. I integrate various approaches and models from Asia and Europe in my work:

Training in Hawaiian –Energy-work, Aqua-balancing, Co-dependency, Reiki ,Ayurveda Therapy Tantra,, Aum and Osho-Meditations, Trauma Healing and Life-Coaching.

My experiences also include organising events and workshops related to Ayuvveda, Yoga, Meditation and Burn-in retreats

Individual treatments are mixed with fun and a lot of joy. At the same time the high level of sensitivity and understanding in my therapy may lead you back to your genuine roots.